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Bullhorn Landing Page

Upon logging in to Bullhorn you will be greeted with the Welcome page. The welcome page provides basic metrics on the status of our database, as well as numerous buttons that will lead to additional actions in Bullhorn.

  1. The Menu button exposes pretty much every single page and function within Bullhorn. We'll take a deep dive into the Menu soon.
  2. The Find button pulls up Bullhorn's database wide search. You can use this to search for candidates, companies, contacts, jobs, submissions, and more. The search bar accepts boolean logic and can search for names based on just a few letters of their name (A search for "jo sm" will yield results containing "john smith", "joe smitts", and "jorge smart", for example)
  3. The Add button leads to the forms responsible for adding new companies, candidates, contacts, jobs, notes, tasks, and distrobution lists to Bullhorn.
  4. The button with your name on it, in this case Brendan Johnston, will lead to your account preferences as well as the function for logging out of your account.