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Adding Notes to Records in Bullhorn

There are many, many reasons to want to add a note in Bullhorn, and many different types of records can have notes added to them. Candidates, Contacts, Companies, Jobs, etc. can all have notes attached to them.

Why do we add notes? Because while you may be working with this specific record yourself, there is no telling if another recruiter works with that record in the future, or if a manager simply wishes to review specific records. It is always beneficial for them to know what you have learned about this record. Say it is a candidate record and after a phone call with this candidate, you have learned they have a DUI. By adding a note ‘Candidate has DUI’ future recruiters will know this information before submitting them to a job that may require a clean driving record.

Additional reasons for adding notes may be to record actions such as: phone calls, opportunity emails, MMC’s not done through Bullhorn, etc.

How to Add a Note

The ability to addg notes can be found on just about every editable record, and you can generally also always find it in the same place, which is the 'Actions' drop down in the top right corner.

From there, fill out any fields relevant to the note you want to leave and click Save.