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Bullhorn Training Videos

One of the most efficient and detail oriented manners in which to learn Bullhorn is through the training videos provided by Bullhorn themselves in the Learning Hub. Accessing the Bullhorn Learning Hub is simple:

  1. Upon logging in to Bullhorn, look in the top right corner for the button titled ‘Help’

  2. Click on either the Training button or the banner about the Bullhorn Learning Hub:

  3. Finally click on the ‘Log into the Learning Hub button:

  4. Under the ‘Featured Courses’ we want to look at ‘End User’

  5. The list below will include all the relevant training videos to watch:

Training Videos to Watch

  • Getting Started With Bullhorn
    • Intro & Navigation
      • Logging Into Bullhorn
      • Logging Out of Bullhorn
      • Overview of the Bulllhorn Interface
      • Navigating List Views and Records
      • Finding Records
  • Creating Records
    • Adding & Converting Records
      • Adding a Lead
      • Adding an Opportunity
      • Adding a Job
      • Adding a Company and a Contact
      • Converting a Lead to a Contact, Company, and Opportunity
      • Converting a Lead to a Candidate
      • Converting an Opportunity to a Job
  • List Management & Search
    • List Management & Search
      • Searching for Candidates
      • Configuring your Candidate List and Managing Search Results
      • Configuring your Jobs List
      • Configuring your Submissions List
  • Managing Records
    • Notes & Tasks
      • Adding a Note
      • Adding and Managing Tasks
    • Staying in Touch with your Candidates, Contacts, and Leads
      • Creating a Tearsheet
      • Creating a Distribution List
      • Sending a Mass Mailing
      • Scheduling an Appointment with a Lead, Candidate, or Contact
      • Managing Appointments from the Planner
  • The Hiring Workflow
    • The Hiring Workflow
      • Overview of the Bullhorn Hiring Process
      • Prescreening a Candidate
      • Submitting a Candidate to a Job
      • Submitting a Candidate to a Contact
      • Scheduling an Interview Between a Candidate and a Contact